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I am in desperate need of fixing my teeth

celestialrain00 started this conversation

Hi all. I am a mother of 5 children ages 14-2. I am in desperate need of fixing my teeth. My dentist told me to have all of my top teeth pulled and have them replaced. I need 2 bottom teeth pulled also. He told me I needed to have them surgicaly removed but my familt doesn't have any money left over after we pay our current bills. I went to the bank but was denied a loan.

Every time I eat something, bits of my teeth fall out. It has gotten to the point of me not eating much but instead, drinking instant breakfast. Only problem with that though is there is a lot of sugar in that so it causes great pain.

I don't know where else to turn. I keep waiting for Publishers Clearing House to surprise me with money just so I can have this fixed.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to mikey12
Hi the person u posted to Not been on here in many.years now but ever state has free dental type free dental city state some of them are low cost also some health department s have a dentist. But medicad does pay for dental they got to gt the ok from the state when u get approved u got one year from that day to get the work done how do i know this my son is 40 they just pull all his teeth and give him dentures top and bottom s and he disable and medicaid.and medicare
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my teeth need to be pulled and replaced but my Medicaid and medicare is not going to pay the cost. p.s. need help.
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Butter oil and codfish oil should help rebuild enamel. Eat HEALTHY and ditch any drink that isn't natural water or made from natural ingredients! Your bodies are showing you that what you're putting in them is poison. So do it and you a favor and fuel it well!
If you need more info or just want to get healthy too, I'm on Facebook.
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Opera kitty   in reply to Bam26
I see, you deserve free government money but the unemployed who PAID for unemployment insurance don't deserve help? And why exactly are you blaming Obama? This has nothing to do with him. You are clearly very ignorant of how the system works. I suggest you read a 7th grade history book that clearly explains the legislative process. Obama has no control over what your complaining about, the house and senate do!
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BrandonChandler   in reply to LostMama
I have had allot of issues with communication with my family. I am not even living with them currently. Iv been in a rut for years and i had no help. no one even told me about this welfare thing. Im just about to turn 19 soon but my tooth pains are getting worse and i dont know how much longer i can handle it. This is just how my life ended up and i dont think i can fight anymore. the embarrassment, humiliation and the tears.
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LostMama   in reply to BrandonChandler
Why havent you applied for Welfare or your parents before you turned 18?
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Hello i am brandon. I am 18 years old and i need 12 root canals and almost every single tooth is either chipped or broke or wore down to the gum. and i go through so much pain constantly for the past 6 years. I really need help. I am on the verge of suicide somedays. Having these teeth have turned me into a very shy man and caused me to have extreme low self esteem. it haunts me everyday that i cant look at someone face to face anymore or even smile. I had to develop my own laugh to hide everything. and now im at a point in life where im just a wreck. Getting a job is hard for me because of fearing my eye to eye contact issue and my non smiling issue. I really need help for whoever is listening. I dont have money or a job and i need dentures so bad before i i wind up dead because i couldnt handle the stress. Please if theirs anyone out their. help me:(
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PrayerHasPower   in reply to have faith in all
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have faith in all
Lord I pray that every person here will come too you and ask by faith that you would help meet there need with there teeth.thank you father in Jesus name amen.l
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I'm 42 and going thru all of this..someone please help me
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i wish ther was help to get teeth fixed im a new grad and cant get work because of my teeth
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rudi w   in reply to rudi w
Help!!! Plz!!! Help!!!
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rudi w
Just turned the service industry for 20 yrs now...recent ex husband decided to rearrange my "beautiful smile"... I feel ur pain people!! I have
no insurance. Imagine that...

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eric4ever   in reply to mcamie
just hang in i have im 32 its the same i want to kill myself its up to the lord now but know there are other people who r going through this and may god always bless u 4ever
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hey 4 me its the same its terrible i fill like killing myself sometimes i hope all the time so i got love 4 u no matter what may god bless u 4ever
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Have any of you looked into getting Snap on Smile? It's much cheaper than implants or dentures
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Hpack   in reply to new2fl003
Who will pull them for free?
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mouth 237   in reply to mcamie
I no I'm 35
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mouth 237
I know how u feel I'm the same way but I'm so scared of the dentist I have low selfasteam now because of my teeth I'm a single mom I have no job because of my teeth cause I don't talk that much or smile or look people in there eyes.
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mcamie   in reply to MOUTH
Yeah I know what you mean. My daughter was taken from me. I'm with someone whom I love very much. I still drink, but don't go crazy. I do this for pain. I'll never get my daughter back. My mother hates him. And I need my teeth fixed too.
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